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TurnOff By RVsharedv - RVsharedv

About App:
  • TurnOff make your life simpler, by locking your phone on simple touch.
  • Support's unlimited color icons with white background.
  • Support's unlimited color icons with selected color background.
  • Support wallpaper color as icon color.
  • User can select image and use them as icon.
  • User can make different icon with different names.
  • RVsharedv subtitle states that Anything can be shared, but why this app contain premium upgrade? We are trying to share everything freely, but we need to maintain our project's for future development and on every upgrade you serve a cup of coffee for our developers.
  • Why the app requires device administrators?
    To lock your device Android requires admin permission which must be enabled manually by you for the app.
  • TurnOff has device administrators permission, there will be any security problems?
    Nope we just lock the device on simple touch.
  • How to change the color of icon?
    In your Color icon settings, click on Choose a color and pick color from Color Picker.
  • How to create icon with dark background?
    In your Color icon settings, tick the Use dark background.
  • What is use wallpaper color in icon type?
    The wallpaper's color will be used to create the icon with selected option in Wallpaper color icon(light/dark - muted/vibrant color).
  • What is select image from gallery in icon type?
    The icon will be created with selected photo/image.
  • The App crashes when I open it?
    There are so many devices with different Android versions which make your app to crash. We use Google Crashlytics to track app crashes and we are working hard to fix the crashes and will be fixed with upcoming version.