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SQLite MyAdmin - RVsharedv

About App:
  • Learn, practice, manage and execute SQL in SQLite Database.
  • User can access SQLite Database in GUI mode and Learners mode.
    • GUI Mode: Everything is represented in graphical user interface, were user can perform CRUD operation in GUI mode.
    • Learners Mode: Minimum GUI mode user can execute SQL statements as command line input.
  • Can perform CRUD(Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) operation in Database.
  • Added server support, user can perform operation from remote/wireless.
  • Can access database from app in GUI/Console mode instead of from remote/wireless
  • Multiple user can connect to multiple database at once, because of server support.
  • Useful for student's, professional, developer who want to learn SQL with SQLite Database.
  • Useful app were user can carry and access in their finger tip.
  • Supports 3 different base theme.
  • Supports unlimited rgb theme colors.
  • RVsharedv subtitle states that Anything can be shared, but why you made this app contain ads? We are trying to share everything freely, but we need to maintain our project's for future development and on every upgrade you serve a cup of coffee for our developers.
  • How to start the SQLite server? In SQliteManager toggle start server to start the server.
  • When I turned on the server, dialog appears with type in your browser to connect, but unable to connect? Please read the next question for the answer.
  • How to connect to the app wireless?
    In mobile turn on WI-FI hotspot, connect as much devices you want to use and you can also connect from desktop/laptop also.
  • How to change SQLite access from GUI mode to Learners mode?
    In your app settings goto SQLiteAccess and untick Enable GUI.
  • How to change server port number?
    In your app settings goto ServerSettings, click on Change Server Port No. and then enter your new port no. in the textfield and save
  • Where can change username and password for SQLiteMyAdmin access?
    In your app settings goto SQLiteAccess, click on user to change username and password.
  • The App crashes while using it?
    There are so many devices with different Android versions which make your app to crash. We uses Google Crashlytics to track app crashes and we are working hard to fix the crashes and will be fixed with upcoming version.
  • How do I change the theme?
    In your app settings goto Themes and then tick Use Base Theme and click Base Theme to change the theme.
  • How do I change theme colors?
    In your app settings goto themes and click on Theme Color to change.
  • I clicked on theme color nothing happened?
    If your base theme is default then you can't change the theme color, so change the base theme to dark/light theme.