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RingtoneManager Lite - RVsharedv

About App:
  • Create/Edit audio file and save as default alarm/notification/ringtone.
  • User can edit audio and set as default ringtone, alarm, notification's.
  • Lite version with less memory usage.
  • Added new advance ringtone feature.
  • User can view contact number, email and other detail's of a specific contact.
  • User can set different ringtone for different contacts.
  • User can select upto 300 ringtones/songs and set it as advance ringtones.
  • Added new ringing feature called Ringtone Type.
    • Default: Ringtone will not be changed automatically.
    • Change after every call: Ringtone changes automatically after every call.
    • Change after specific interval: Ringtone changes automatically after specific interval.
    • Change every day: Ringtone changes every day.
  • User can enable/disable ringtones for specific contact.
  • User can enable/disable advance ringtone system through settings.
  • RVsharedv subtitle states that Anything can be shared, but why this app contain premium upgrade? We are trying to share everything freely, but we need to maintain our project's for future development and on every upgrade you serve a cup of coffee for our developers.
  • Why this lite version? RingtoneManager Lite version comsume less memory, compared to RingtoneManager By RVsharedv. Especially designed for low memory devices
  • How to edit music file and set as default alarm/notification/ringtone? Click on the music item in the list you want to edit and adjust your start and end time or use arrow to adjust time, then click on save menu to save with your option.
  • How to Open/Set advance ringtone to a specific contact?
    Click on Set Advance Ringtone(on top right side of toolbar) menu and click on contact to set your advance ringtone.
  • I have enabled advance ringtone, but ringtone is same as default?
    If you have not selected any song for advance ringtone, then the ringtone remains default.
  • When I set custom ringtone, advance ringtone is disabled why?
    Because you have set new ringtone to your contact.
  • How to disable advance ringtone and custom ringtone for the contact?
    In the contact toggle off the Enable ringtone for this contact to disable completely.
  • Advance ringtone system is disabled, how to enable?
    In your app settings goto Ringtone Settings untick Disable advance ringtone system.
  • The App crashes while using it?
    There are so many devices with different Android versions which make your app to crash. We use Google Crashlytics to track app crashes and we are working hard to fix the crashes and will be fixed with upcoming version.